Go Take a Hike!

The people of Konigsberg, Prussia were prone to taking walks after dinner.  Their town had the Pregel River running through, dividing the town into 4 land masses: one on each side of the river and two islands in the river.  The land masses were connected by 7 different foot bridges.  The people wondered, could they […]

Mathematical Spelunking

spelunk:  to explore caves, especially as a hobby Spelunkers are like ocean explorers or space travelers.  They are venturing into places in our universe where other people have never been, and those places can be mighty dangerous.  The thrill of the journey and the beauty of the environment are intense and make the risks worthwhile […]

One Edge, One Side, One Strip

A Mobius strip or Mobius band is a surface with only one edge and one side. What sort of practical application might this have?  I am glad you asked.  Perhaps it can be really useful as an automobile belt.  With only 1 side, the wear and tear should be pretty even.  Or, if you want […]

Nearly Twin Primes

Twin primes are primes that occur is succession with one composite between them.  For example, 3 and 5 are twin primes.  They are primes in that they only have factors 1 and themselves, and then they are twins because they are separated only by one composite which is 4.  The Twin Prime Conjecture claims that […]