Jail Bird Mathematician

Evariste Galois was an early bloomer.  He was so early, that he developed group theory (a major advancement in abstract algebra) while he was in his teens.  At the same time that he was developing all kinds of new mathematics, he stayed heavily involved in politics during a tumultous period of history in France.  He did spend some time in jail for his political involvement, which gave him plenty of free time to work.  Tragically, we cannot see what may have become of Galois as an adult mathematician.  At the age of 20, he was killed in a duel over a woman.


One thought on “Jail Bird Mathematician

  1. I think this is neat. I really liked the jail bird one. I know someone’s misfortune is not funny. But it tickled me a little that he died from a dull over a woman. You really never think that happened but in real life it did.

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