Talking Trees

Graph Theory is an area of mathematics that uses constructs called graphs to model many relations and processes found in real-world problems.  The graphs consist of vertices (points or nodes) connected by edges (segments or arcs or loops).  This area of mathematics has applications in computer science, biology, chemistry, linguistics, physics, chemistry, sociology, and more. […]

Prime Time

sieve:  a utensil with meshes or holes to separate finer particles from coarser ones or solids from liquids. – Merriam Webster Dictionary Every student who has completed grade school learned about prime numbers.  We learned what they are:  natural numbers greater than 1 with factors of only 1 and themselves.  We learned methods to find them. […]

Swimmer’s Algorithm?

How many of you watched the Olympics in Rio?  :raises hand:  I wasn’t obsessed with it, but I definitely watched the highlights like men’s swimming and women’s gymnastics.  I caught a little bit of the doubles kayaking (not sure what it’s officially called), thanks to the TV on the stationary bike at the gym.  Oh, […]