Pathway to a Cure for Diabetes

“Scientific breakthroughs are often facilitated by mathematics.” – Richard Bertram, FSU Professor of Mathematics

And mathematics is leading science on the path to finding a cure for diabetes.  At Florida State University, Richard Bertram created the models for reactivating the oscillations in insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells.  Then, he collaborated with Michael Roper, FSU Associate Professor in Chemistry and Biochemistry.  Roper built a device that can deliver a liquid glucose solution to dormant pancreatic beta cells.  With Bertram’s models, the device was programmed to deliver precisely the right amount of glucose in rhythmic pulses of exactly the right size and frequency.  This programming mimics how the body delivers the glucose, and it triggered the dormant cells to start working again in a healthy manner.

Such a breakthrough is amazing news for those who struggle with Type 2 diabetes.  And, the models and device are a stepping stone in finding a cure.

If you would like to read more about it, check out the article at ScienceDaily – Crunching the numbers: Researchers use math in search for diabetes cure.


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