Traveling Salesman Breakthrough (Or, Bucket-List Vacay, Here I Come!)

I referenced graph theory in a post recently entitled Talking Trees and am bringing it up again today.  What is graph theory?  According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, graph theory is the branch of mathematics concerned with networks of points connected by lines.  This area of mathematics has many applications, including the process of finding the most economical route […]

The Sizes of Infinity

You may have read this title and went “Huh?  Why is this about sizes of infinity?  Isn’t infinity just…infinity?  It’s the concept of something that goes on and on and never stops?  It’s not a number, so how can we talk about size?” Well, you can thank a gentleman named Georg Cantor for this discussion. […]

Hurricane Math

My corner of the world is currently gearing up for a record-breaking storm: Hurricane Irma.  I live in south Florida, not too far from Miami.  Food, water, supplies have been flying off shelves for over a week.  Long lines for gas are the immediate norm.  And the NOAA hurricane site is one of my favorites. […]

Tantalizing Tessellations

Several years ago, I mentioned tessellations or tilings in Bee’s Needs .  For that post, I focused on the regular hexagons of honeycombs, but I mentioned that squares and equilateral triangles are the other regular polygons that may be used to create a tiling.  In fact, those are the only 3 regular polygons.  Why?  Well, it has […]

Too Little, Too Late?

I had a birthday about a month ago, and with that birthday I entered a new decade.  I won’t reveal which decade, but let’s just say that my age is starting to really hit me.  I am not old, but I am not young either.  And this led to me reflecting on what I’ve done […]

Paper Folding Fun

On this Sunday morning, I am yet again the owner of a losing lottery ticket.  I know.  I know.  The probability of winning is so slim, why waste my money?  I figure that $1 a week isn’t too much to spend on a little bit of hope, and some of the proceeds fund the Bright […]


What if I told you that one of the top mathematicians of today makes discoveries in his field through valuable playtime?  It’s true!  And he is not the only one.  Just think about why children play.  For a child, playtime is work.  It is their way of figuring out how the world works as they […]