What if I told you that one of the top mathematicians of today makes discoveries in his field through valuable playtime?  It’s true!  And he is not the only one.  Just think about why children play.  For a child, playtime is work.  It is their way of figuring out how the world works as they […]

Jim Simons: Renaissance Mathematician

Jim Simons is a man who has lived a full life as a mathematician.  While doing mathematical research and laying the foundation for string theory, he also cracked codes for the NSA.  He then went into cracking Wall Street, applying mathematics to investments and becoming wealthy.  He is now active with his Simons Foundation, which […]

Dodgson if and only if Carroll

If I expound on the wonders of the mathematics done by Charles Dodgson, you just might look at me and wonder who the heck I am talking about.  Now, if I mention Lewis Carroll and his book Alice in Wonderland, then we might be on the same page.  It turns out that Charles Dodgson = […]